Flat Rack
New and Used: Available in 40ft & 20ft

Flat Rack shipping containers are designed for the transportation of irregular freight that doesn’t fit into a standard container. Cargo typically transported in a Flat Rack container includes oversized objects, motor vehicles, machinery, construction materials and equipment. With high capacity payloads for heavy cargo, Flat Rack containers feature a flat bed and can be nested together in batches to stack for transport to reduce empty transit costs.

Flat Rack shipping containers are ideal for transporting oversized/heavy cargo

Manufactured to withstand the harsh environmental conditions imposed at sea or on the road during transit, all containers supplied by WCP are robust, durable and long lasting. We have 20ft and 40ft Flat Rack shipping container options available. We can organise transport and delivery of your container/s for you. Container features are listed below.

4 locking mechanisms

When you require a Flat Rack Shipping Container, call our team at Westlink Container Park on (03) 9646 2954, and we look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.

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    Container Modifications
    Customize your Container
    At WCP, we do more than just supply shipping containers. We offer modifications and can fully customised your container to make your unit fit for purpose in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our team can add a range of functional features to your container to assist with security, convenience, access, organisation, comfort and more. Some of the modifications we offer include fresh paint (internally and externally), security lock box, addition of air vents and whirlybirds for extra ventilation, doors and windows cut to size, electrical fit outs and more.